Ivan talks Day 13 of the 100-Up Challenge

My good friend Ivan (He blogs on better ways of doing business here) took up the 100-Up Challenge two weeks ago. What more, he just posted a video on his progress so far. Check it out:

Ivan is coming at this as a non-runner and has previously vlogged his experience with the 100-Up Challenge so far. You can catch up with his first video here and second here.

Sounds like some great progress so far (“extremely pleased”).

For those who are participating in the challenge, how’s your progress going? Any issues? What have you observed about learning the drill?

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2 Replies to “Ivan talks Day 13 of the 100-Up Challenge”

  1. And I have to tell you… my ankles and calves are SORE after that little foray!

    But I’m planning on trying again tomorrow (which will be Wed Nov 23)!

    I’m so glad you introduced me to this challenge, Justin! Looking forward to even better results going forward!


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