BigManTank’s Hundred-Up Challenge One-Month Update

“Bigmantank” (his moniker on the birthdayshoes forums) recently completed the one month 100-Up challenge. How’d he do? Well let’s start with where he started:

Background: I am 31 years old and according to the generic charts am obese, coming in currently at 281 lbs at 6′-6″. Measurements cause I figure they will help show that this can work for anyone: 49″ chest, 42″ around torso at belly button, 38″ around hip area at the tail bone level. I have been running (average 20 km per week in the last month) for 3 years, 2 in fivefingers and have been playing soccer for 8 months and currently in an indoor league. I am also Bigmantank1980 on the Birthday shoes forum. Goals hopefully running a half marathon in the fall of 2012.

Most recent run outdoors (end of last weeks sessions)was 3.33 km, took 19:01 minutes, with an average pace 5:42 min/km. Felt good just general fatigue in the legs, some moderate stiffness in the knees after the run, but have been stretching it out. Was landing midfoot, with some occasional foot dragging near the end. Also form was leaning at the ankles back straight arms low by waist slightly bent, relaxed hands at the beginning. Near end some clasping of hands and arms more bent, corrected when noticed but happening more often, same with some leaning at hips and slight arching of back, would also correct when noticed. Pace is near my PB 5 km of 26:42.

Began practicing the minor 100-up drill today (November 7, 2011) and maintained form as instructed. Hoping this will improve form and allow for greater distances in the future.

And here’s where he is now:

One month update.

Finished the run this morning going over the same track, though the weather was better last time. The run was 3.4 km today, took 18:01 at a pace of 5:14/km, felt pretty good, some issues with fatigue but that is likely due to a day on the couch with snacks watching soccer. Those lazy days will get you every time. Otherwise form was a big improvement and quicker muscle recovery. I am going to continue to work 100 ups into my routine during the day and see if the progress was as big of a jump as it was this time, and besides my form can always use a little more fine tuning.

I hope it has help everyone as much as it has me. Now going to work on distance more then speed.

So net-net his pace improved by about 28 seconds! Not bad!

I asked Bigmantnak what he thought about the 100-Up exercise, and how it affected his running/training:

While practicing the 100 ups I noticed that the stablizing muscles in my hips were getting a lot of use and would be tired at the end. I also noticed that it becomes rythmic and easy to maintain. I feel that the exercise helped by giving me a more stable base to run with, making it harder to lose form due to fatgiue of these muscles as they are commonly not worked very hard in most things. I noticed better form and the ability to hold it longer. Also side bonus it has helped with my soccer as well by again strengthening my hip flexors and such so now I am able to cut and stop a lot quicker and with I feel less wear on my body.

Very cool to hear these updates — we should be hearing more in the coming days as other challengers finish out the month of drills!